Saturday, February 7, 2009

Make Me an Offer

We OFFICIALLY welcomed ourselves to the neighborhood this weekend when we hosted a Paty family garage sale. Yes, friends, we found ourselves up at 5 am, bleary-eyed, holding on to our coffee for dear life, as we arranged tables and double-checked price tags. And much to MY chagrin, there were the "early birds" as they like to call know, the people that read in the paper that the sale starts at 7, so they show up at 6:30....pilfering through my old Victoria's Secret panties, all the while asking if I would take a quarter instead of 50 cents? Excuse me? You are bargain shopping for used underwear? What is wrong with this picture?!
Anyway, needless to say, we did not have 1 neighbor come to our garage sale. We just simply got the cordial smile as they manuevered their Escalades through the Oldsmobiles and Caprice Classics that clogged our street. Our old neighbors on Broadway brought us homemade breakfast tacos the last time we had a garage sale....that's true friendship. No wonder we miss them.
I bet if I waved the $700 Cody and I pocketed at our measly "sale" in front of the Escalade lady's face, she might even crack a smile. Nah...probably not.
"Welcome to the neighborhood, Paty's! Now just get that 1975 coffee table out of your driveway and we can be friends. I won't bring you breakfast tacos, but we can be friends. "

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annalee said...

welcome to your neighborhood! and thanks for the precious way you welcomed us into our new neighborhood with your prayers. we got your precious card and absolutely love the blessing of that!