Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

Rubber Ducky, You're the One

Is anyone else loving these bath pictures of MereMere tonight in her duck bathtub?

This girl smiles with her entire body! The last picture is one of Gregory when he was the same it me or do these two look a tad bit alike?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Random thoughts and tidbits of information regarding the Paty's over the last few no particular order:

1. We have moved completely out of our fishbowl on Broadway and are currently residing in our "temporary house" (ask Gregory, he'll tell you all about it and what temporary means). We are thankful and humbled to be here, but ask me in a weak moment how I am doing with the move, and I'll don't ask.

2. Claire and Gregory have started back to Preschool and LOVE it, as always. I am thrilled to be back to a routine, have time to myself and time one-on-one with Meredith, and love hearing about their days when I pick them up. They have already learned so much! We love Cornerstone Christian Preschool.

3. My sister-in-law, Jennifer (Cody's sister) is pregnant with her first baby. We heard from her regarding her first doctor's appointment yesterday and everything looks great! We are very excited about baby Davis making his/her appearance around the first week of April.

4. My sweet Daddy left on Sunday for Washington, D.C. to train with the SBA (Small Business Administration). He worked for them during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and will probably be returning to Louisiana to help with the relief of Hurricane Gustov. This development will most likely push our date back of breaking ground on our new home a few weeks. It's hard for me to be upset when I think about how selfish it would be for me to be frustrated at my dad for leaving my new house project so that he can go help those people that don't have a home anymore. I'm grateful for his willingness to go. I'll be ready for him to return, but grateful nonetheless.

5. Baby Meredith turns 8 months old on Sunday. Seriously?

6. 'Tis the season that is. Cody and I are back in the groove of Mustang football, college football, and of course, the Cowgirls, I mean, Cowboys. It is the picture of "recreational companionship" at its finest.

7. I want to be Sarah Palin when I grow up.

8. We are praying that we get to close on our house this week. It has been a nightmare experience because of some logistics that didn't get taken care of the correct way when we purchased our home. God has worked and been faithful, and we hoping that it is all going to come to a close in the next couple of days. My new mantra? Don't count your chickens before they hatch...or your fish.

9. Cody and I are so blessed to have been a part of a small group study this summer called "The Truth Project". We have been meeting together with 4 other couples for the past 9 weeks and it has become such a tremendous blessing in our life! We look forward to our time together and have benefited so much from the amazing discussions that have taken place within our group. We highly recommend this study to anyone interested in learning about developing a Christian worldview. (you can find it on the Focus on the Family website)

10. I remain the most blessed person in the world. My God, my hubs, my children, my church...all humble me daily. The middle two categories make me want to move, change my name, and not leave a forwarding address sometimes, but humble me soon thereafter.

May your week be filled with joy!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Learning to Walk Again

I have to share something with you that has literally been the highlight of my long, stressful week...

Meredith and I were headed to Wal-mart on Wednesday to get some much-needed groceries for this hungry, fast-food overdosed family. Claire and Gregory were at preschool, so I was not quite needing a hot skewer to poke my eyes out, as I do when I am forced to grocery shop with all three children.

On the way to the store, we passed the hospital where Cody works. Traditionally, when all of the kids are in the car and we are out and about in town running errands, etc. , we like to "blow kisses to Daddy" when we drive by the hospital to allieviate the "we want to go see Daddddddyyyyy" cries that will inevitably follow if I pretend to distract them with pointing out that Dairy Queen has blizzards on sale. So, always a girl for tradition, I looked over at the hospital and "blew a couple of kisses to Daddy" for Meredith and myself.

I quickly realized that my husband was standing outside the side of hospital with a patient. At first, I thought it was Cody working with a man preparing to work on the windmills. Upon glancing twice, I figured out that he was working with one of his most special patients....let me explain.

Cody was one of the first people that C trusted to remove the bandages and treat his wounds from the HORRIBLE motorcycle crash that had taken place that took one of his arms and one of his legs. He was drug underneath a truck for over 500 yards, still concious, and received injuries that would have easily killed a less-determined man. C is still young, in his twenties, and had a lot to live for. He spent a long time in a Dallas hospital, and was then moved to Sweetwater to do his wound and physical rehab while he lived with his parents. His girlfriend has stuck by his side the entire journey, stopping her entire life to come to Sweetwater and help C get better. She has bathed him, fed him, dressed him, and encouraged him. She is walking unconditional love. I am amazed at her strength. Needless to say, C has been Cody's patient for a while, and we have developed a special relationship with him and his sweet girlfriend. They have come to church a couple of times with us and both of them know the Lord. They were so encouraging to us when we were going through our stressful situation with Meredith, and we have celebrated each little victory as C has continued to heal.

When I stopped and looked... Cody was walking with C and his NEW LEG!!! Tears just began to flow from my eyes. C was WALKING! I whipped the suburban around and headed towards the hospital parking lot so that I could hug his neck. I was so incredibly proud for him and I could NOT contain my emotions as I thought about the amazing journey that has brought him this far. I jumped out of my car and ran up the sidewalk to hug all three of their was such an amazing moment that I was so thankful I got to be a small part of.

I have not been able to get that image of my precious husband teaching C how to use his new leg and walk again out of my head. I have always been so proud of Cody and love to hear his patients gush about him everytime I walk into the hospital to visit him, but I'm not sure I have ever been prouder. What a gift! I know that we all have amazing things that God has given us to use for His glory, but I am convinced that my Cody has found his calling. It has encouraged me to make sure that I strive daily to seek God's call on my own life, and use my gifts to His glory. I am so incredibly grateful to be married to a man that reminds me of that daily...just by living.

I realize that it was probably one of those moments that "you just had to be there"....but thanks anyway for letting me brag on my hubs. I think he's kind of neat.