Thursday, May 29, 2008

All Things Equal

We are all about equality here at the Paty house. Because my first and second children were born so close together (17 months apart) I have sometimes felt like I was dealing with twins. Claire and Gregory literally breathe the same air, they are inseparable. Because of this, Cody and I try to focus on making sure that things are equally divided between the two of them. They like this idea and have a way of reminding us if we happen to forget. If I make one child a snack and a cup of milk, then the other one gets the same snack and the same milk. If we take a potty break for one child, then the other one gets recruited to take a break as well. You get the idea....

The other day when we were driving in the car (isn't that where we have the most precious conversations with our children?) Claire, Gregory, Meredith and I were headed to Abilene to visit my parents. We were discussing that May was almost over and June was coming soon. Claire asked "what things happen in June?" So we proceeded to discuss swim lessons, no preschool, and Father's Day. Her face lit up with excitement as we talked about how incredibly special her "Papa" is and what we should do for Father's Day.

A couple of moments go by and Gregory's little voice pipes up from the back of the suburban. He simply asked, "Mama, since we had Mother's Day already, and Father's Day is coming up...when is Brother's Day?" Claire chimes in..."and don't forget Sister's Day!"

So in conjunction with our belief in equality at the Paty house, we will be celebrating Brother's Day and Sister's Day sometime this summer. I wonder how long it will take before Hallmark hears of these great holidays and catches on to the splendor....

What special holidays do you have at your house?