Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well, we made it through our first Christmas in our new house! I must say that I was overwhelmed with pure joy as we celebrated this holiday together with our three babies. I did not spend one moment worrying about the paint, changing the light fixtures, planning the new furniture, or all the other silly things I have spent the last month fretting over. It felt so GOOD to just soak up every detail of my babies joy over the fun of Christmas! We just stepped over the boxes and had a wonderful time! Our prayer is that your Christmas was filled with blessings of family and togetherness!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Claire mommy is too busy unpacking our new house to post a new entry on her blog. She gave me a couple of things to do to help her out, but I am posting a blog entry instead of putting away my clean clothes. Hey...somebody's got to keep the important things going around here!

You should know that you will probably receive the Paty Christmas card around, say....July. We would love it if you would send one to us this year, because we are starting a new tradition that I am very excited about. Mommy's friend, Ashley, gave us the idea of choosing a Christmas card that we have received, each week, and spending the week praying for that family. So know that if you want your family bathed in prayer by the Paty's for a week in 2009, send us a card to 1634 Morris Avenue. We have already received a few, and Greg and I are already talking about things that we are going to ask God to do to bless these families!

Merry Christmas everybody!